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Cherished Number Plates

Cherished Number Plate is the original term used to describe a registration mark that has intrinsic value due to an association with a name, a place, or because of the origin of the registration or because of its history.

Here we take a look at personalised numbers owned by the rich and famous. Most will immediatelty recognise the association between the registration and the celebrity and the exclusive nature of the mark.

In the majority of cases high value cherished number plates are more often than not owned by the rich and famous. However, in recent years there has been a trend of increasing investment in personalised number plates as they are seen as a safe haven for money in uncertain economic times.

Increasing investment from people that are not celebrities or famous people has seen a shift in the market for the exclusive very high value plates.

We have listed here a very small selection of cherished numbers that are owned by famous people in the UK.

All of these registrations are worth in excess of 100k and because they have famous owners they are worth even more than equivalent cherished numbers that do not have the history or an association with a famous personality. It is worthy of note that recent sales of 1903 original issue cherished numbers F1 and S1 have reached prices in excess of 400k at DVLA auctions

F1 plate worth 10m

The evidence is clearly that the value of high quality registrations is increasing despite economic uncertainty and whilst there remains an interest from the famous there is also now an increasing interest from high net worth individuals looking for a safe haven for their money.

Cherished Number




1 KO



R Abramovich

P Daniels

J Tarbuck

C Eubank

T Griffiths

Estimated Value