Flag Identifiers for UK Number Plates

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Flags Symbols and Identifiers for Number Plates

Displaying Flags and Identifiers on Number Plates

You can display one of the following flags with identifying letters on the left-hand side of the number plate:

=>Union flag (also known as the Union Jack)

=>Cross of St George

=>Cross of St Andrew (also known as the Saltire)

=>Red Dragon of Wales

The Letters or National Identifiers that can be used:

=>UNITED KINGDOM, United Kingdom or UK

=>GREAT BRITAIN, Great Britain or GB

=>ENGLAND, England, ENG, Eng

=>SCOTLAND, Scotland, SCO or Sco

=>WALES or Wales

=>CYMRU, Cymru, CYM or Cym

The flag has to be above the country identifier. You cannot have the flag or letters on the margin, and the flag with identifier letters cannot be more then 50 mm wide.

Driving outside the UK

If your number plate includes the UK identifier with the Union flag you will not need a UK sticker.

You will need to display a UK sticker on the rear of your vehicle if your number plate has the following incorporated in the design of the number plate:

=>GB identifier with the Union flag

=>Euro symbol

=>National flag of England, Scotland or Wales

=>Numbers and letters only - no flag or country identifier

For Spain, Cyprus or Malta, you need to display a UK sticker regardless of what is on your number plate.

If you have a GB sticker on your vehicle then you will need to remove it before driving outside the UK

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