Registration Entitlement in the UK Explained

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Registration Entitlement

Entitlement to a registration number is afforded to the registered keeper for the vehicle to which the registration number is assigned.

The Entitlement System Explained.

Entitlement to a registration number is afforded to the registered keeper for a vehicle or it is afforded to the grantee or purchaser of the V778 or V750 certificate for the registration number issued by the Department of Transport.

It is a common mis-understanding that an individual or company has ownership of a registration number as if it were a tangible asset. It is true to say that the registered keeper, grantee, or purchaser of the certificate of entitlement has entitlement to the registration but the registration number is owned by the government and entitlement is afforded to the individual by the government.

The registered keeper of a vehicle can apply to retain a vehicle registration number in the event that they wish to sell their vehicle without losing entitlement to the registration number. In purchasing a personalised registration an individual or company is purchasing entitlement to display the registration number on their vehicle.

In the event that a vehicle is 'written off' before a registration number has been removed from the vehicle and placed on retention, entitlement to the registration number will be lost. In view of the very significant values assigned to personalised registration numbers it is important that individuals or companies follow the rules of transfer.

In the event that a vehicle is sold and the new registered keeper is recognised on the V5C registration certificate (log book) before the personalised registration number has been transferred on to a retention document, entitlement to the registration number will transfer to the new registered keeper of the vehicle from the previous registered keeper of the vehicle.

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