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Distinctive Personalised Numbers

We supply and assign distinctive and exclusive personalised number plates to our customer's vehicles hassle free..

We have supplied car registrations in excess of 100k in value to some of our clients and we are often able to supply these high value cherished number plates at lower prices than our competitors.

We handle the sale and the subsequent assignment of high value personalised number plates affording protection to both parties so that our customers can be confident that when buying through our sales team the service we provide will ensure that the financial interests of buyer and seller are protected at all times.

Distinctive and eye catching number plates tend to be the domain for the rich and famous which makes our business more interesting than most. We have celebrity clients, sports personalities and large corporate businesses with whom we have built a strong business reputation over the years.

If you are genuinely looking to secure a high value personalised car registration then we recommend you talk to the experts at Premier Plates UK where we can advise you on the most secure way of achieving your goal without undue concern and worry.

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