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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

Our prices are fully inclusive prices and we will not charge after sales fees for managing the transfer process. The inclusion of VAT and all DOT fees applicable to your purchase will be confirmed in writing before we process any payment.

How long does the transfer process take?

The transfer process will commence once full payment has been made. We will deal with the DVLA by informing them of a change in entitlement to the registration. We will handle all documentation relating to the transfer, and assignment of the registration to your vehicle will begin as soon as all documents have been received. The transfer will normally complete within 7 working days from submission of documentation to DVLA.

How will I know when the transfer process has completed?

We will notify you when the transfer process has completed. We will deal with all aspects of the transfer process on your behalf and we will inform you when you can display your new number plates on your vehicle. We will ensure your vehicle documents and records relating to road tax and MOT are updated with DVLA.

What Happens to my old number plate?

If you want to retain your existing number plate because it is a cherished number plate we will manage this on your behalf once we have received the additional DOT fee of 80.00 from you. If you have a standard issue registration on your vehicle then this will be displaced by the new registration as part of the transfer process. In 99% of cases your vehicle registration will be re-assigned to your vehicle should you remove the cherished number from the vehicle at a future point in time.

Can I transfer an Irish number plate to my vehicle?

All number plates from Northern Irish vehicles can be transferred to vehicles registered on the UK mainland providing the recipient vehicle complies with the requirements of the Cherished Transfer Scheme. Because NI number plates are dateless registrations there are no age restrictions for the recipient vehicle.

What replacement documentation will I receive?

You will receive a replacement V5C registration certificate (V5C) for your vehicle with the new registration referenced on the document. You will receive a replacement MOT certificate (where applicable) for your vehicle referencing the new registration. We will notify the DVLA of the change in registration for your vehicle and so ensure the road tax for your vehicle continues to be valid. If you have requested us to retain a cherished number plate as part of the transfer process we will ensure this is issued to you on a V778 document.

What about my vehicle insurance and is this affected?

You will need to inform your vehicle insurance company of the change in registration for your vehicle as soon as the transfer process has completed. We will remind you of this in writing at completion of the transfer.

Can I buy a private number plate as a gift?

You can buy a private number plate from us with the intention of gifting it to someone else. We can provide a delayed transfer service for surprise gifts where you are unable to secure the vehicle documentation without the owner knowing and we can manage the transfer to an agreed timeline.

Can you sell my private number plate for me?

We can sell your existing private number plate and we have a paid and unpaid valuation service. Our paid service is available should you not want to sell your registration and in whicjh case we will provide you with a certificate of valuation. If you want us to sell your registration we will provide you with a valuation at no charge.

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